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I am Garrett DeFries and I have been dreaming about creating a brand that I could call my own for years now. However, I wanted to create something that actually had a clear purpose. 

It seems as though the world is getting more negative each year, and people are constantly stressing over things that do not matter. Turn on the news and see nothing positive. Click on your social media and see cyber bullying. It is almost like a line has been drawn and the world is on two separate sides.


The world needs more Positivity. 

In the midst of all this darkness, there needs to be a light. This is why I decided to create PMPV. PMPV stands for Positive Mind Positive Vibes. I truly believe that if you have a positive mind you will give off and receive positive vibes. I want this brand to serve as a reminder and statement to those negative people to let them know that being positive is the way to live. 

Join the PMPV family today and become an advocate for change. Lets spread positivity worldwide!  

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